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none day in which we meditate on the love of Christ for us, symbolized by the icon of his sacred heart ... Sacred Rhetoric: A Course of Lectures on Preaching by ... ... . The Readings focus on expressions of the love of God. "Convicted by the holy spirit: the rhetoric of fundamental Baptist conversion.." American Ethnologist. 14. (1987): 167-181. Print. This article is an ethnographic study of Covenant Baptist Church and the Reverend Cantrell for the expressed purpose of exploring the language of conversion. Question: "What is the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives today?" Answer: Of all the gifts given ... The Sacred Rhetoric of the Holy Spirit. A Study of Puritan ... ... . Question: "What is the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives today?" Answer: Of all the gifts given to mankind by God, there is none greater than the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit has many functions, roles, and activities. First, He does a work in the hearts of all people everywhere. PREFACE. Th[.slittlebookisthefruitofstudy,reflectionand teachingscontinuedthroughtwentyyears.Itwould behazardousforanyonetoclaimoriginalityina ... We also learn that the Holy Spirit has spoken to us already through the prophets. This means that the Holy Spirit did not just appear after Jesus ascended into Heaven. The Holy Spirit did not just start to act at that time. Rather, the Holy Spirit has been active with the Father and the Son from all eternity. Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say.-Luke 12: 11-12, KJV The title of my essay contains three major ideas: the idea that sacred rhetoric has six canons, that "inspiration" is the best name for the sixth canon, and that nineteenth-century theories of homiletics (preaching) offer important insights into A Theology of Sacred Rhetoric Believing that preaching remains of vital importance today, John Carrick argues that its effectiveness can be greatly enhanced if preachers make use of the patterns of communication laid down by God in Scripture for their instruction. The Holy Spirit is the part of the Trinity that seems to be least understood. The dictionary simply defines it as the "Third person of the Christian Trinity." A great deal of mystery has surrounded the Holy Spirit for centuries. Perhaps this is partly because of the early church's resistance to attributing a feminine face to God....