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...ion to exclude an underlying malignant neoplastic process ... Benign Mass Lesions | SpringerLink ... . Following this, patients should ideally be managed within a voice clinic, with a suitably… Request PDF | [Benign Vocal Fold Lesions.] | Zu den benignen Tumoren der Stimmlippen gehören epitheliale Läsionen wie Papillome, Lä­sionen des Reinkeraums ... Objective. The aim of this study is to give an analysis of the nature of benign vocal fold lesions with an indication for microlaryngoscopy that are found in a general ENT clinic. Patients and methods. Retrospectively, pre‐ and perop ... Benign Vocal Fold Lesions | Department of Otolaryngology ... ... . Patients and methods. Retrospectively, pre‐ and peroperative data from 177 successive patients were examined. Results. The male : female distribution was 1 : 3. The term vocal cord lesion or vocal fold lesion refers to a group of noncancerous (benign), abnormal growths (lesions) within or along the covering of the vocal cord. Vocal cord lesions are one of the most common causes of voice problems. Benign Non-neoplastic vocal chord lesions ! Majority of vocal fold lesions ! Causes! Vibratory injury ! Multifactorial ! Extroverts, talkativeness ! Occupation ! Smoking, acid reflux, allergy and infection + The clinicopathologic spectrum of benign mass lesions of the vocal fold due to vocal abuse. Cipriani NA(1), Martin DE, Corey JP, Portugal L, Caballero N, Lester R, Anthony B, Taxy JB. Author information: (1)The University of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, IL, USA. [email protected] Association between laryngopharyngeal reflux and benign vocal folds lesions: A systematic review. ... in the development of benign lesions of the vocal folds (BLVF). METHODS: PubMed, Cochrane ... Caustic mucosal injury from LPR could cause increased susceptibility of the vocal fold mucosa to injury and subsequent formation of ... These benign lesions are generally unilateral or occurring only in one of the vocal folds. Often they are found deeper than the outer tissue layers and are referred to as intracordal cysts. The cyst is generally firm but fluid-filled, causing overall stiffness to the fold and reduced mucosal wave and amplitude of vibration. The diagnosis should include a thorough appreciation of the patient's lifestyle and occupational habits as well as a detailed examination of the vocal folds including stroboscopy. Most benign laryngeal lesions are treatable with a combination of surgery and speech therapy, but measures to prevent the recurrence of disease by instigating and maintaining lifestyle changes are also necessary. Purpose of reviewThe management of benign vocal fold lesions (BVFLs) continues to evolve. This article will review the recent literature surrounding the nomenclature, cause, diagnosis, and treatment of BVFLs, including polyps, nodules, cysts, and reactive lesions.Recent findingsThe taxonomy of vocal The vibratory surface of the human vocal fold is a complex layered structure. Repeat trauma from vocal misuse or overuse may lead to the development of benign lesions that arise primarily within the lamina propria of the vocal fold, also known as the Reinke space.. Benign laryngeal disorders resulting in dysphonia most commonly affect glottic closure and the vibratory characteristics of the ... Abstract. Benign mass lesions, particularly vocal fold nodules, represent a common etiology of pediatric dysphonia. Traditionally, a minimalist approach to management has been employed, with observation and counseling that lesions will resolve with aging. Nonneoplastic vocal fold lesions are common that can cause hoarseness and voice change. Reactive lesions of Reinke's space can be observed in all ages and genders and comprise the majority of the benign nonneoplastic vocal fold lesions. Although clinically different terms are used to define reactive lesions of Reinke's space, they share the same histopathologic features. Start studying Treatment (mgmt) of structural, inflammatory, & benign lesions of larynx/vocal folds. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Benign Vocal Fold Lesions: Principles of Management | Dinesh K. Chhetri, MD | UCLA Health ... Vocal Cord Swelling Check...